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Hello Hello. Ave for me, cause i got (not so) new release! This officialy first track where i properly do normal bass and vox. Yay!

Waiting for your anger reviews! Peace out!


<a href="">The Hermit by C-c-crush!</a>


RAGADANGA! Let me intoduce my first official release Filthy, Dirty & Disgusting [EP]! This is compilation some of my old works with Dirty sound, Disgusting sound engineering and Filthy me!

But this is can be without my friend #JonathanCoosh and our #FTZRECORDS.

You can hear & download below

and here 

Rock out guys!2910066_139025337211_a2098304733_10.jpg

Fuck yeah!

2013-09-19 15:40:01 by BiviZ

I was here from 2007. All my progress in my audio section.
And for now, my (with my last band) track on best track of the year.
I'm happy, very happy.
I want to say all you people - thank you. Then you realize that your work appreciated by other it's mean - i going in right direction in my life.

Rock you all!

Yesterday score of this song was 4.78, but for now 4.70. For my pleasure im never ever give 0/1/2 and bombing top tracks with low score.

P.p.s. Sorry for my english ._.

Fuck yeah!

Soundtrack for ya stuff

2012-10-16 09:23:52 by BiviZ

Okay guys. Time come and i want to write some song for your stuff (flash-game, flash-video, mini-movie and etc).
Example of my audio in my audio :)
Also if you want collaboration write me, I love co-op working ^_^


Soundtrack for ya stuff

Soundcloud yo!

2012-08-08 07:33:07 by BiviZ

Since now i'm also hang out in the Soundcloud swag biatch!
Check dis sheet!

Soundcloud yo!

Follow The Wave - Nailed In Ruins

2011-07-01 18:41:27 by BiviZ

Track from my latest band Follow The Wave.
Enjoy :)


2011-06-11 20:04:18 by BiviZ

Hello sisters and brothers.
Ma feeling some kind of melancholy and depression. I have many mails in my inbox, sry, but i dont open them, cause i dont want do this :)
Just shitty mood. Yeah.

And yep. In future i should take new guitar and audiocard. I think that really rising up quality of my tracks and other.

Thanks to all my friends, co-groupers and that people who added me to favourite musician.
Beware zombies :3

Hm i feel needs in Primus. Yeah.


Lazy start

2009-06-28 13:16:46 by BiviZ

Welcome, my dear friends!
In general I have located here for a long time, and was registered only ehm...i dunno know :D.

Laziness :D
I lazy opossum!

Lazy start